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Boxed Water

Mini Boxed Water & Gift CardBoxed Water is part sustainable water company, part philanthropic project, and part totally awesome.Ten years ago they started working on how to provide the purest water in the most sustainable way. 


That’s a long time to be thinking about water. They’ve won awards for their superior taste, and their conservationism. And then they took those awards and recycled them into bike helmets. Small changes make a big impact. Boxed Water has cleaned miles of beaches and planted over 780,000 trees! In fact, every time someone posts an image of their box with #BETTERPLANET they plant a tree. It’s time to ditch the plastic bottles. Find out more at MSRP: $20+

Drunk Elephant
The littles

The Littles from Drunk Elephant (don’t worry, it’s a company. No one overserved a pachyderm) is a 30-day supply of clean, compatible skincare


that’s like a fresh start for your face. They got rid of what they call the “Suspicious 6” (which was the nickname for my group of friends in High School). But these 6 are Essential Oils, Drying Alcohols, Silicones, Chemical Sunscreens, Fragrances/Dyes, and SLS. When they make their products, Drunk Elephant focuses on biocompatibility, pH levels and safety, always making sure that the active ingredients are at efficacious levels. Pretty fancy talk for a drunk elephant. Check out their hashtag, #barewithus.MSRP: $90

Spotify Membership
Music App

I’m so excited to be partnering with Spotify on my very own music hub. I love music. Unless I finally got Baby Shark out of my head and then 


someone starts singing it. I’m so excited to be partnering with Spotify on my very own music hub. I love music. Unless I finally got Baby Shark out of my head and then someone starts singing it.

30 Days to Happiness

Who doesn’t wanna be more happy? 30 DAYS TO HAPPINESS is a great way to get there, It’s an honest assessment of the 30 key life inventory 


items that have the biggest influence on your happiness. I bet one of them is kittens.MSRP: $12.50

Stainless steel Straws

If you thought bottles were bad, don’t

even think about googling what happens to plastic straws. That’s why I designed my own 


reusable one. Your Be Kind Box has stylish, reusable metal straws that you can use again and again for whatever you need - soda, marmalade, soup, cablis.... We won’t judge.MSRP: $12

Candle Holder

Vunder vhat this is? Oh right! Vunder® is the world’s most versatile candle holder! Vunder®’s extraordinary interior can be filled with any accent   

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including liquids. That’s gonna come in handy. They’re also working to protect children, which couldn’t make me happier. Thanks, Vunder. You’re vunderful. Sold in Bed Bath & Beyond, Amazon and $21

On Demand Audio Fitness

What’s Aaptiv? It’s a leading digital health company that provides people with support to live a healthier life anytime, anywhere. Working out with...

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Aaptiv gives you on-demand access to world-class personal training. You can also take audio classes in running, strength training, yoga, meditation, indoor cycling, and more, set to playlists featuring the best music. You’re gonna love it no matter what your fitness level might be.MSRP: $30